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Mercury is creating seamless networks to connect people with their world.  Mercury is committed to elevating your overall network experience where you live, work, and play. We are creating a better world!

DAS Projects


MIZZOU FOOTBALL STADIUM Columbia,  MO | Faurot Field

Mizzou football is at the heart of Columbia and is a huge part of the University of Missouri’s long-standing culture. In 2016, AT&T and the University realized that the stadium needed some renovations and updates. AT&T approached Mercury Communications with a need for a new DAS system for the entire University of Missouri Tigers football stadium.  Some unforeseen circumstances arose during the process, but Mercury was able to rise to the occasion and work through by coming up with efficient solutions. Experience and collaboration drove this project to be completed on time and under budget.


MC Mizzou Stadium.png


MC Arkansas Stadium.png

AT&T approached Mercury Communications with a challenge: upgrading AT&T, T-Mobile, and replacing the endzone DAS system in their state-of-the-art football stadium for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Mercury worked alongside another construction company and coordinated with architects to ensure that the project ran smoothly and efficiently. The DAS system replacement was completed on-time and under budget, exceeding the customer’s expectations.


NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS STADIUM Lincoln, NE | Cornhuskers Stadium

After the conclusion of another successful season, Nokia and the University of Nebraska were ready to take their stadium to the next level.



Mercury stepped up after another team was unable to complete the job. The schedule was tight and the temperatures were cold, but Mercury ensured a seamless transition and expertise that allowed the project to be completed on time and on budget. The client was ecstatic with the professionalism that Mercury displayed and the final project. The system was integrated before the 2018 season.

MC Nebraska Stadium.png


MC Xcel Arena.png

Wireless connectivity is important anywhere you go, but it is especially important in a packed sports arena. Whether calling a friend to find them in another section or posting the game-winning goal, everyone wants to be connected.


In the heart of the 2017-2018 season, the Minnesota Wild realized they were having problems with their DAS system. They called upon Mercury to update and replace parts of the current system. Mercury was able to work with and navigate the ongoing venue schedule, as well as ensure that no guest experience was impacted by the construction. The client was very happy with the project being completed on time and on budget.


Mercy Hospital came to Mercury needing four hospital sections connected for all 3 major carriers. The buildout included 110 remotes, 430 antennas, and a full head-end room buildout.


Mercury was also called upon to coordinate with all three carriers for integration, attachment to the system, and general assistance through the entire process. Communication with the Mercy staff was key, and Mercury handled all coordination with doctors and hospital staff for the entire installation and integration.

MC Mercy.png

Small Cell Projects


METRO LINK St. Louis, MO | Metro Link Small Cell

MC Metro.png

The Metro Link connects various St. Louis communities and continues to enhance and move St. Louis forward with opportunity and in today’s digital world, cell phone service is vital.



Metro Link came to Mercury with the need to add wireless phone service to 7 of its 38 substations. When using public transportation, it is important to be able to connect with others to notify if a train is late or if a time has changed. Mercury was able to successful install cell service and exceeded the customer’s expectations by completing the project on time and under budget.

Tower Build Projects


NEW TOWER BUILD Marthasville, MO

Mercury is proud to have worked on a new, 250-foot self-supporting tower build for a National Wireless Carrier in Marthasville, MO. 


This site was brand new and everything was built completely from the ground up. When construction began in late January 2020, the Mercury Communications team had to first regrade the hillside. Throughout construction, a new retaining wall was installed, along with fencing and a new foundation at the site. Upon completion of the tower, new landscaping will be installed and new fiber & power will be brought not only to the Marthasville community but to the surrounding communities as well. Read more here.



Mercury is proud to have worked on a new, 140-foot monopole tower for Eco-Site, bringing essential infrastructure for the 5G build-out in St. Louis, MO.


Construction on the tower began on June 22, 2020, and will be complete on July 24, 2020. This tower will eventually be utilized by two of our nation’s largest wireless carriers. They will be leasing space on the tower for their equipment to bring better and faster service to the surrounding communities. Mercury Communications self-performed the construction of the tower and enlisted the help of Inspired Solutions and L. Keeley for other aspects of the project. Read more here.

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