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New Tower Build - Missouri-0066

By: Dan Fick

Mercury is proud to have worked on a new, 140-foot monopole tower for Eco-Site, bringing essential infrastructure for the 5G build-out in St. Louis, MO.

Construction on the tower began on June 22, 2020 and will be complete on July 24, 2020. This tower will eventually be utilized by two of our nation’s largest wireless carriers. They will be leasing space on the tower for their equipment to bring better and faster service to the surrounding communities.

Mercury Communications self-performed the construction of the tower and enlisted the help of Inspired Solutions and L. Keeley for other aspects of the project. Inspired Solutions procured the materials needed for the successful completion of the project, including concrete and rebar. The L. Keeley Paving Team came out and paved the driveway leading up to the tower. This is the Power of One and Mercury is proud to be a part of the Keeley Companies.

Our team faced an unexpected challenge when hitting rock while drilling the foundation. However, our team was able to implement a solution and overcome the challenge while staying on schedule. Our favorite part of the project was when Larry Keeley, Founder of L. Keeley and Chairman of the Board of the Keeley Companies, came out to the site when the tower was being stacked. We loved having him there and showing him the work that we are doing to bring 5G to communities around the country.

With the project nearing full completion, the Mercury team exceeded customer expectations by staying on-budget, on-schedule, and with our unmatched dedication to quality and safety. Thank you to our valued partner, Eco-Site for trusting us to build this brand new, state-of-the-art tower!

Check out this video to learn more about the project!

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