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Small Cell Wireless Networks: An Overview

By: Jeff Fischer

Mercury Communications is proud to provide unmatched small cell capabilities for all terrains. Small cell systems are cellular radio access nodes used to bring cellular service from the nation’s leading carriers to communities across the country. At their core, small cells are wireless transmitters and receivers designed to provide network coverage to smaller areas and aid cellular towers, in turn maintaining strong network signals across different environments.

Benefits of Small Cell Technology

While some might argue that building 200-foot macro towers would seem more efficient in a wireless infrastructure buildout, small cells provide a unique prowess that towers simply can’t. Small cell technology has the ability to bring better coverage to places that towers are not able to reach. At roughly the size of a mini fridge, small cells can be placed on light post, streetlights, and more. This compact size allows for the opportunity to provide discrete and efficient network buildouts – bringing strong signal strength to nooks and crannies that towers can’t.

Apart from the efficiency of small cell technologies, the benefits small cell brings to users is endless. It reduces power drawn from devices, increasing battery life. In a world where technology is a necessity, and not just a privilege, getting the most out of your devices is imperative.

The Future

Small cells are essential as the world prepares for 5G networks of tomorrow. As national carriers work to provide communities with 5G capabilities across the country, Mercury Communications is proud to partner with them to make that possible. While other forms of wireless infrastructure will support the 5G network, small cells are arguably the most important component. As carriers prepare to send massive amounts of data at high speeds, small cell technology will lead the charge as signals are transmitted over the millimeter wave spectrum. This spectrum is best compared to the Autobahn—data can move across the millimeter wave spectrum at unlimited speeds. However, the speed at which data moves is solely dependent on the technology that drives it. Small cell technology will aid the potential of 5G speed and help our latest and greatest technology live up to its full potential.

Mercury Communications is proud to be an important player in the wireless industry as national carriers look to improve our wireless infrastructure and bring unprecedented speeds to every single community across the nation. To learn more about Mercury’s small cell capabilities, click here!

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