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New Tower Build - Marthasville, MO

By: Dan Fick

Mercury is proud to have worked on a new, 250-foot self-supporting tower build for a National Wireless Carrier in Marthasville, MO.

This site was brand new and everything was built completely from the ground up. When construction began in late January 2020, the Mercury Communications team had to first regrade the hillside. Throughout construction, a new retaining wall was installed, along with fencing and a new foundation at the site. Upon completion of the tower, new landscaping will be installed and new fiber & power will be brought not only to the Marthasville community, but to the surrounding communities as well.

There were many challenges that the Mercury team faced during this project. The first challenge was the location of the site. It was a tight area with many obstacles surrounding it, including low wires, an existing water tower, and a residential home across the street. The Mercury team worked with our trusted partners to ensure that the wires were not a hazard to the team members during construction. The existing water tower was adjacent to the build, which caused for a congested area. However, the Mercury team was able to work around the water tower and safely utilize all necessary equipment. Finally, team leaders worked with the residents of the home across the street to make sure they could access their home and were a safe distance away from the site during construction. By working directly with the homeowners, they were able to retain power to their home, and had no issue getting to and from their home during the project. The second, and largest, challenge that the Mercury team faced was the unpredictable winter weather in Missouri. Snow and freezing rain caused some minor delays on the project, but the team showed professionalism and resilience and did not let the weather stand in their way. Throughout all of these challenges, the team continued to put safety first and each team member made it home safely at the end of every day.

With the project nearing completion, the Mercury team exceeded customer expectations by completing the project in a timely manner despite the winter weather.

The city of Marthasville is excited for the tower to be fully installed so they can have enhanced signals to their homes and surrounding areas. The mayor has enjoyed tracking progress and has visited the job site multiple times.

Thank you to our valued partner and to the city of Marthasville for trusting us to build this brand new, state-of-the-art tower! Check out this amazing video to see how the tower was built!

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