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5G: The Internet of Things

By: Jeff Fischer

By now, you have probably either heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) or are using it in some capacity. The Internet of Things is the connection of any device to the internet and to each other. For example, in many houses today you will find smart refrigerators and other smart kitchen gadgets. The ability for these devices to be controlled from your phone no matter your location is what is known as the Internet of Things. IBM states that, “5G networks will enable IoT implementations in our daily lives. It will go beyond the gimmicky and use location-away technology to meaningfully alter our experience of place forever.” So, how exactly will the rollout and adoption of 5G impact the IoT?

5G will be able to send data to and from a million devices per square kilometer. These devices are not only limited to smartphones and tablets, but also include industrial sensors, wearables, medical devices, and vehicles (click here to read more about 5G’s impact on self-driving vehicles). 5G will enable businesses and governments to provide services and capabilities that were never before possible. With so many devices being connected with little no human control, 5G will revolutionize the way we utilize technology.

Due to the high speeds and low latency brought about by 5G, individuals will be able to control multiple devices from one single device. Right now, when you think about the Internet of Things, you might think about camera doorbells or being able to lock your door while you are on your way to the airport. While those capabilities will still be possible, 5G will help expand the Internet of Things to include being able to control a heavy piece of machinery remotely and in real-time. These advancements will change the way many industries function, especially the medical, construction, wireless, technology, and infrastructure industries.

The current Internet of Things as we know it will soon be gone. Technologies that allow us to lock our doors on the way to the airport and see who is at the door when they ring the doorbell will only continue to evolve. So many things will be possible that we have never imagined. It’s an exciting time for 5G and it will be incredible to watch all of the changes and advancements unfold. Mercury Communications is proud to be a part of bringing 5G to communities across the country. Click here to learn more about Mercury Communications.

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